Volunteers In Action


We empower volunteers when we offer them a way to give back to the community that does not require a monetary donation. Everyone benefits.

1. What kinds of volunteer services can be converted into cash donations through VIA?

Qualified youth who need community service hours in order to graduate from high school may look to VIA for an assist. For example, VIA can match a high school student with parents who need babysitting services, community elders who need yard work, or a church needing the services of a landscaper.

A newly-formed accounting firm seeking to enhance its brand could offer to provide tax services to those in their VIA community. Payment for such services by the recipient would then go to the charity through which the arrangement was made (i.e., the VIA nonprofit).

A copywriter who wants to increase her contact base could offer social media content marketing services to another small business owner in her participating VIA community. Once again, payment for her services would benefit the VIA nonprofit through which the arrangement was made.

Other examples of services include:
  • babysitting
  • yardwork
  • housekeeping
  • home repairs
  • professional services (e.g., legal, accounting, and marketing)
  • pet sitting
  • elder sitting
  • errand running
  • and more!

2. Why would a volunteer want to use VIA to raise money for their nonprofit?

VIA provides volunteer service providers of all kinds with opportunities to give that otherwise would simply prove unaffordable.

VIA not only creates a new way of donating to favored, community-based groups, it also creates a unique method of building a stronger sense of community.

3. How does the donation get to the participating VIA nonprofit?

After the payment representing the fair market value of the services provided has been processed through the VIA platform, the funds are transferred to the VIA-registered organization. Those funds support the mission-work of the group.

4. How do volunteers find donors who need services?

Donors post requests to VIA for a service or task they need help with. Volunteers may then respond with their willingness to help. The process is both safe and secure.