VIA taps leading-edge technology to provide an innovative platform for community-building and fundraising in the nonprofit sector.

1. What kinds of nonprofits can benefit from using VIA?

VIA provides a unique and innovative fundraising solution for community-based groups, schools, churches, and other tax-qualified nonprofit organizations.

2. Why should a nonprofit consider participating in VIA?

VIA maximizes efficiency and broadens levels of participation among volunteers and donors.

Planning for a typical charity fundraising gala often involves 20 or more volunteers, each spending at least 20 hours on the event. That amounts to a total of some 400 volunteer hours for a single event.

Contrast that with VIA, which works for you year-round. Managing the VIA platform typically takes fewer than 20 hours per year.

So many fundraising efforts in schools, churches, and other nonprofits have distinct disadvantages. They are limited in appeal. They are time-sensitive. They accept only cash contributions. Community members with limited resources are often unable to participate because the lack the necessary financial wherewithal. For these individuals, the ability to make a time/volunteer commitment rather than a cash donation may be both life-affirming and life-changing.

VIA facilitates full engagement by all members of the community by allowing people to turn their time and talent into treasure for the participating, registered organization they believe in and support. VIA brings people together in support of community-centered programs, projects, and initiatives.

3. How much does VIA cost to use?

There is no cost to get started using VIA. Our support team will help you set up your account and encourage your supporters to become active members of your VIA community. We are here for you.

VIA’s reasonable raters allow the organizations you support to keep the lion’s share of the money raised through our platform. VIA charges 10% of funds raised, based on the current market value of tasks performed.

4. Will VIA help promote this program to my nonprofit community?

VIA will help promote its fundraising platform to your friends, associates, and colleagues. We will supply you with a tool kit and personal consultation to helpengage your community members through social media, e-mail, flyers, posters, and other avenues you deem effective in reaching those who need to know about this opportunity.

5. How is a fair value for services calculated?

TBD - need to find out

6.  Are community volunteers vetted?

TBD - need to find out

7. How do I register my nonprofit?

To register your nonprofit, simply Contact Us. Someone will get back with you within 24 hours with all the information you need.