Volunteers In Action

Our Story

VIA Founder Jochen Talmon saw a need.

Watch Jochen explain how VIA came about.

As the father of four children who attend three different schools and an active member of the Rotary Club of Tulsa, Jochen realized that fundraising for nonprofit groups such as schools and civic organizations faces an ongoing problem. Volunteers, parents, and fundraising personnel are often overloaded, exhausted, and stretched thin. They simply do not have enough time to commit to raising money.

Jochen developed VIA as an online community fundraising tool that does not require a substantial time commitment to maintain. VIA matches individuals who need tasks performed with volunteers who are able to complete them. VIA transfers the money paid for these volunteering opportunities to the participating VIA organization. That group is then able to use the proceeds to serve fulfill its mission--to serve the community in some way. For example, the VIA-supported nonprofit may provide grants to fund select projects.

VIA creates an easy way to raise funds for nonprofit organizations such as schools, churches, and other community-based groups, thus avoiding the drudgery of selling goods or spending hundreds of hours planning a fundraising gala. It is simply another way these important organization can leverage the goodwill and support they have already cultivated in the community.