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Volunteers in Action
Volunteers In Action is an easy-to-use online fundraising platform for nonprofits, including community-based organizations, schools, and churches, that match volunteering opportunities with community service needs.

Help your favorite charity, build relationships, and add money to the coffers of an organization whose work benefits the community through VIA’s online fundraising platform.

Community organizations often struggle with raising the money needed to sustain their valuable work. Fundraising for many is the single most unpleasant task associated with serving the community in a volunteer capacity. That need not be the case--not anymore. Enter Volunteers In Action (“VIA”).

VIA provides a user-friendly, community service-based fundraising platform for a variety of groups, large and small. Community-based organizations, schools, and churches are among the groups well-poised to leverage this innovative way to engage supporters and patrons, all the while raising money for important mission work.

VIA offers nonprofits a fun and creative way to bring together donors and volunteers to raise money for the organizations they love and, at the same time, invest in the broader community. By participating in community service projects, volunteers, supported by donors, raise money for causes they support and get the satisfaction of investing their time in ways that make a meaningful, tangible difference.

Fundraising need not be drudgery. Thanks to the VIA online fundraising platform, raising money for cherished organizations just got easier and a whole lot more fun!

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VIA connects people. Using VIA, volunteers complete community service projects while generating revenue for the charities or other community-based organizations they value. Communities are healthier when these service-based organizations gain the support they need to thrive.

Through VIA, donors who need a service completed now have another option--an option that helps build both the organizations they support and the community at large. Once registered, these donors have access to screened volunteers who have volunteered to complete the desired service. Donors hire volunteers, and payment for services goes to the charity or other community-based organization chosen from the VIA network. All participants in the process work together to enhance the community.

These VIA-facilitated transactions occur in a closed, safe, and secure collective of people, all of whom support the organization that will ultimately benefit. Everyone wins: donors, volunteers, and community-oriented groups like nonprofits, schools, and churches.

Donors get requested service or tasks completed by trusted, vetted members of the community. Each volunteer monetizes his/her skills and time completing the task designated by the donor and serving his/her community. Both donors and volunteers get the satisfaction of generating revenue to help fulfill the mission of organizations they believe in and want to help sustain. Those organizations, in turn, continue their mission work in service of the community at large. They are less reliant on more traditional, more labor-intensive forms of revenue generation. They free up staff time to focus more intently on mission fulfillment.

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Donors need assistance with a variety of tasks and are willing to pay market value for quality service.

The process is simple and straightforward:

1. The donor posts a service or task that he/she would like to have completed by a volunteer.

2. The donor hires a volunteer who has offered to perform the desired service or task--to serve both the designated VIA organization benefitting from the transaction and the community at large.

3. After completion of the task, the donor pays the fair market value of the service rendered or task performed by the volunteer to the designated VIA organization.

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Volunteers want to perform community service and seek volunteering opportunities.

The process is simple:

1. The volunteer posts a service or task that he/she is willing to perform.

2. Once hired, the volunteer completes the designated service or task in a timely and professional manner.

3. The volunteer takes pride in the fact that he/she has helped another member of the community and contributed financially to the mission work of the designated VIA organization he/she supports.

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